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"After a number of injures to my back and shoulders I felt out of balance and ready to get my body back into shape and pain free. I started seeing Susanne privately and was amazed by her ability to detect and tackle lack of alignment and gently getting me into a correct posture and movement pattern. The newly learned skills have become part of daily life and have made a huge difference to my well being. I am enjoying the variety of exercises in each session."
Kate Warner

"I started going to Susanne's Pilates classes over a year ago. I had some experience of Pilates so I joined an intermediate level. I really enjoy the classes as there is a good atmosphere and I always feel better afterwards. Susanne explains the exercises and demonstrates them beautifully before we try to do them. The classes are small so Susanne is able to provide individual attention. She checks that everyone is doing the exercise properly and gives gentle corrections where necessary. We are always given a range of options to accommodate our level of experience, any injuries or just how we feel that day!"
Andrea Shepherd

"I have been very impressed with the body control pilates classes run by Susanne Perks. They always start and finish on time and the venue is ideal. Her sessions are different each time - unlike many other pilates classes I have attended in the past. She takes great care to ensure each member of the class is working to the appropriate level of their abilities and she is sensitive to any weak spots class members may have. Class sizes are small and Susanne clearly puts a lot of thought and effort into each session."
Nicola Ainger

"I started Pilates privately as part of my recovery having undergone major surgery. After a double mastectomy Susanne helped me finding my equilibrium . Every week the exercises were challenging but always tailored to my individual circumstances . I enjoyed the variety and fun we had during the sessions, too. More than one year on I feel more balanced and have a better awareness of my body and movements."
Katie Finch